Working at the intersection between technology and politics ; passionate about open-source software and non-software ; coming from the country where cheese doesn’t have holes in it.

I spend too much time reading about contemporary politics, and I am a professional lurker on Hackernews. Now, I would like to contribute a bit too.

I studied political science, used to focus too much on conspiracy theories and the regulation of virtual violence (no kidding, I will add links later). I am currently interested in many topics, including the war on drugs (and how to end it), intersectionality, copyright laws (and how to reform them), multiculturalism, freedom of speech, information ethics and information politics (a new field of study that hasn’t been created yet : please reach out to me if you are curious, extremely wealthy, or both).

Currently based in Paris.

Ongoing and former projects

Phyllome (2020 – )

In 2021, I am starting an ambitious project, dubbed Phyllome. The goal : bring open source, simple-to-use yet powerful virtualization to the masses! (or at least make it slightly more mainstream).

GSoD (2019)

In 2019, I participated in the first edition of Google Season of Docs (GSoD). You can find my report here.

Léman-Libre (2005 – )

I am the co-founder of Léman-Libre, a French association dedicated to promoting the use of open-source software around Geneva through public events.

Photography (2005 –)

I sometime take pictures, mainly using my smartphone du moment.

A few samples are available here. I will add more later, I promise.


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