Currently working on open-source virtualization.

I spend too much time reading the news about contemporary politics, and I am a semi-professional lurker on Hackernews. Originally studied political science, conspiracy theories and the regulation of virtual violence (no kidding, I will add links later). Now focused on free and open-source software.

Ongoing and former projects

Phyllome (2021 – )

In 2021, I started an ambitious project, dubbed Phyllome. The goal : bring free and open-source, simple-to-use yet powerful virtualization to the masses! (or at least make it slightly more mainstream).

GSoD (2019)

In 2019, I participated in the first edition of Google Season of Docs (GSoD) for Qubes OS. You can find my report here.

Léman-Libre (2005 – )

I am the co-founder of Léman-Libre, a French association dedicated to promoting the use of open-source software around Geneva through public events.

Photography (2005 –)

I sometime take pictures, mainly using my smartphone du moment.

A few samples are available here. I will add more later. Maybe.


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